Twinputki Oy, founded in year 2005, focuses on planning, installing, maintaining and servicing automatic sprinkler systems under the approval of Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes). The company operates in the whole of Finland via co-operative subcontracting companies, but the main actions (planning, supervising, warehouse etc.) are located in Kerava office.

Personnel and facilities:
The company employs altogether nine person in management, project planning, warehouse and prefabrication and in office tasks. In addition to this the company indirectly employs 15 – 20 persons by the subcontracting companies.

The company owns facilities in Kerava, near the capital Helsinki, totally ca. 1300 m2, of which about 800 m2 is used for Twinputki’s office and warehouse. This space can be increased as needed.  A special prefabrication line was built in year 2012 for purpose to secure the timely completion of large projects or projects which have a challenging completion schedule.


The average turnover for last five fiscal years has been € 3,0 million Euros and the result for corresponding time period has always been positive, percentage varying from 4 to 10 of turnover.

Suomen Asiakastieto Oy, a Finnish Credit and Risk Management company, has granted for Twinputki Oy the Strongest in Finland Platinum - certificate in years 2007-2018. The companies in the two highest categories of Asiakastieto's 7-step Rating Alfa classification, i.e. approx. 12 % of Finnish companies are entitled to the Strongest in Finland certificate. The requirements to reach these categories are excellent financial key ratios, positive background data and payment behaviour.

Twinputki also belongs to the highest AAA class in rating the Rating Classification. This level of Classification is achieved only by 4,0% of all companies in Finland. You will find the Certificate by clicking the AAA -logo below


Twinputki Oy has been involvement in several significant projects of new buildings and culturally and historically valuable renewal processes.  

The largest projects in last years has been (the quantity of sprinklerheads in parentheses):
Shopping center Kaari/Prisma in Helsinki (ca. 12.000 pcs)
Tamro Oyj enlargement of warehouse in Tampere (ca. 11.500 pcs)
enlargement of shopping center Iso-Omena in Espoo (ca. 10.000 pcs)
shopping center Goodmann in Hämeenlinna (ca. 8.500 pcs)
På Gränsen – Rajalla shopping center in Tornio (ca. 8.500 pcs)
STC- and GCT office & warehouse in Vantaa (ca. 5.400 pcs)
Prisma Viikki –shopping center in Helsinki (ca. 4.600 pcs)
Metso Oyj valve factory in Vantaa (ca. 3.200 pcs)

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